Internal Assessment

We can also help you with an objective look inward, to assess:

  • Product viability (given market needs, trends), and your ‘export readiness’
  • Core competencies, strengths weaknesses (of your product, your team, leadership)
  • Partnering needs (to create a marketable ‘whole product’)
  • Training, skillsets, cultural awareness development needs

Then together define priorities for focus, weighted realistically with strength of market demand, competitive threats and scope/scale of opportunity.

External Market Assessment (Prospects)

We can help you focus on the right markets, with a proven methodology for ‘External Market Assessment’ including:

  • Research and size potential markets for your company or particular product
  • Assess financial strength of prospective customer companies or company types
  • (Because if they can’t afford to buy, are you still interested?)
  • Likelihood and speed of adoption or actual purchase by sector
  • (Because if decisions move at ‘snail’s pace’, are they a priority?)
  • Factor in ‘ease of connection or introduction,’ or ‘time to sale’ coupled with
  • Power to your business this market or customer would generate,

For a weighted attractiveness rating by market segment.

External Market Assessment (Customers)

  • Measure satisfaction levels, ratings of your performance among current customers
  • Identify and prioritize areas for improvement
  • Summarize findings and communicate internally, externally as needed to convey ‘we heard you,’ and prompt action.