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Midsize 3PLs Collaborate To Thrive

Midsize 3PLs Collaborate to Thrive

Bigger is not better when it comes to warehousing logistics – collaboration among mid-sized players is!
Consolidation will continue in the Third-Party (3PL) Industry. And the service benefits that being bigger brings will always be important benefits: cost efficiencies, scope and scale. But omni-channel marketing and distribution will expand, mass customization of order fulfillment will be the order of the day and ‘same day’ a new delivery standard. These trends are commoditizing what used to be the “value added services” that made mid-sized companies competitive against larger 3PLs, but creating a new aspect of service differentiation for the regional player (who is by the way, also growing and thriving). Increasingly important to companies outsourcing in today’s market will be the quality of ‘Human to Human’ (H2H) Interactions – responsiveness to customer needs, flexibility, the infamous ‘ease of doing business’ service attribute companies have strived for over the years.

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