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Michele sits down with Mark Hiddleson’s The Tao of Pizza Podcast

Founder & President of Carrollco Marketing Services, Michele Carroll, has helped hundreds of companies with US market entry and now serves as Executive Director of ISSIP (the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals) as well as continuing to lead Carrollco. Tao of Pizza creator, Mark Hiddleson sat with Michele to discuss common roots in CSCMP, supply chain management and logistics – and learn more about service innovation in an increasingly automated society.

In this episode…

Since the tech boom began in the 1990s, the software and tools we’ve created have become more complex and intelligent. Some argue that AI is capable of replacing humans in some service-oriented tasks.

According to Michele Carroll, service innovation should remain people-centered. While technology is beneficial to the marketplace, human connection is what drives business and society. AI and other advanced technologies are tools meant to help humans be more efficient in their personal and professional life — they will never replace genuine human connection.

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