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Non-Profits, Academia, Government Agencies and Trade Boards

We are honored to support the leading trade boards of Europe and privileged to have delivered powerful itineraries and leads for more than 500 client companies over the years.

As a vital resource for our government, academic and non-profit partners, Carrollco supports:

  • Trade missions, developing itineraries for visiting delegations
  • Funding, ‘VC Pitch’ and networking events
  • Recruiting delegates and coordinating Inward Buyer visits to the home country
  • Conducting market studies and trend analyses
  • Developing tools, conducting Team Training, and coaching workshops for teams in transition
  • Helping client companies articulate their ’30 second pitch,’ preparing for Americas market, and lead generation linked to conferences and events
  • Serving as ‘bandwidth’ when resources are slim!

Events, Marketing Support

Lead Generation, Itinerary Development, Market Research, Warm Introductions

Business Acceleration, ICT Trade Advisor, Warm Intros, Funding

US Agricultural promotion in Western China, Event, PR

US Agricultural promotion in Western China, Event, PR

Website Design, Program Development, Events

Silicon Valley Itineraries, Program Development, Secure Speakers

Website Redesign, Partner Development

Cybersecurity Event, Promotion, Speakers, Sponsors, PR

Marketing Support, Promotions, Events

Website Design, Visioning Facilitation, Communications, Branding, PR

GSC Pros
created logo, branding

Secure Sponsorships, Book Speakers, Promotion

“We use many vendors for lead generation. Carrollco delivers by far the best result.”

– Tom Cusack
VP High Potential Startups, Enterprise Ireland


Refreshing to work with someone who gets a hold of the brief, lays out ambitious timelines and then delivers. Michele and her team are effective, professional and a pleasure to work with. I will be engaging Carrollco’s services again.”

Brian O’Neill, CEO Documatics

Because of you these emerging business and civic leaders have a greater chance to be innovative professionals who can grab hold of their dreams, take risks to realize them, and build a more sustainable future.”

– Charles Piazza, PhD
Professor and Director of PhD in Organizational Systems at Saybrook University

Carrollco assisted the Reshoring Institute with a complete redesign of our website and we are delighted with the results. The website perfectly represents us, our mission and our values. It’s clear, easy to use and attractive.”

– Rosemary Coates,
Executive Director, Reshoring Institute

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