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Engage Your Customers_Don’t ‘Message’ Them!

Beware Messaging Specialists!

Engage Your Customers for Sustainable Marketing Effectiveness Over Time

Yes you need a clear message.  And a crisp plan to convey that message to a target audience.  But if your marketing specialist is ALL about pushing your message far and wide … beware!

At a soiree, who would you rather meet?

  • The fellow who walks in and says, “Here I am – Look at me!”,
  • ” or the one who walks in and says, ‘THERE you are!  How have you been?”

No contest.  Human beings appreciate being seen, recognized and appreciated.  We thrive in the sunlight of recognition.  In ‘How to Win Customers & Keep Them for Life,’ Michael LeBoeuf, Ph.D. tells the story of recently married, “Jane,” and why she married Bill instead of Bob.

‘Bob is Mr. Everything.  He’s handsome, well educated, extremely intelligent, clever, and has a very successful career.  In fact, when I was with Bob I felt like I was with the most wonderful person in the world.’

“Then why did you marry Bill?” her friend asked.

Jane replied, “Because when I’m with Bill, I feel like I’m the most wonderful person in the world.”

Engage with your audience.  Listen.  Discover.  Understand.  Communication and dialogue are so much more than one way ‘push’ messaging.  In a dynamic business world where the only thing constant is change, effective, genuine communication is vital to success and sustainability.

People are complicated and guess what?  Every single one of your customers is also a human being.  Try to remember that!

The most effective messaging must follow active listening, thinking and discovery.  Business development and building your brand are inter-related components of what should be an integrated process.  Strategic marketing strategy must underlie communication.

Dynamic  engagement with markets and customers strengthens business outcomes.

Next Installment:  Communications Architecture to build Brand AND Business

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