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Carrollco Marketing Services has long supported CSCMP both on the level of its global operations (with over 9000 members) and has built up the brand for CSCMP’s well-respected and dynamic Silicon Valley / San Francisco Roundtable (SFRT), creating powerful networking events that inform and inspire – while the 2000+ members of the SF Bay Area’s supply chain management professional ENJOY the process!

Levi Stadium event speakers

Levi Stadium event crowd

Michele with Adam Walker at Levi Stadium event

An exuberant Ronnie Lott at the Levi Stadium event

Adam Walker and Ronnie Lott at the Levi Stadium event

Young networkers at a 11/2015 event

2016 Kickoff Event at Port of Oakland

2016 Kickoff Event at Port of Oakland

2016 Kickoff Event at Port of Oakland

Nov 2016 Prediction Panel Speakers

Michele speaking at Port of Oakland 2018 Event

2018 Event at Port of Oakland

We assist the volunteer leadership with:

SPONSORSHIP – Carrollco structures packages responsive to the branding and business development needs of the wide Bay Area community, facilitates connections between SFRT and iconic companies such as Facebook, Google, and Salesforce, and powering networking value for all parties involved. Click HERE to view the CSCMP sponsorship packages PDF.

PROGRAM PLANNING – Carrollco has supported both the wider CSCMP organization as well as the Silicon Valley / SF roundtable with program planning in numerous ways:

For Silicon Valley / SF:

  • Helping pioneer the now globally-adopted annual planning schedule
  • Recruiting great teams
  • Building brand
  • Executing powerful networking events on topics responsive to the current market

For the global CSCMP:

  • Assisting with the annual CSCMP conference
  • Sponsor acknowledgment
  • Roundtable involvement

MARKET SURVEYS – Carrollco regularly surveys the community to uncover topics of interest, what draws team participation, SFRT performance ratings, and to identify venues, speakers, and locations of the highest interest.

COMMUNICATIONS & PR SUPPORT – Carrollco regularly handles sponsorship, event, and other announcements. See examples below:

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