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Carrollco was proud to collaborate with Dr. Charles Piazza to create the successful pilot launch of Saybrook University’s Entrepreneurial Leadership certification program in 2018. 21 graduate students from SRH University in Germany, The University of Austria and Ulster University in Ireland gained unparalleled insights to the real “Silicon Valley Spirit and Edge,” with tours, talks and visits with leaders reshaping the world.

Carrollco secured exemplary pioneers, CEOs, and visionary startup leaders to speak to the class in Monterey, CA – and arranged hands-on visits and behind-the-scenes talks with iconic companies in Silicon Valley.

“Because of you these emerging business and civic leaders have a greater chance to be innovative professionals who can grab hold of their dreams, take risks to realize them, and build a more sustainable future.”

-Charles Piazza, PhD
Professor and Director of PhD in Organizational Systems at Saybrook University

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